Contemplative Retreat and Spiritual Direction
Contemplative Retreat
Contemplative Retreat and Spiritual Direction
Themed Retreats
Take a break from the business of life and enjoy a do-it-yourself Spiritual Retreat that inspires you at this moment of your spiritual journey.

Each retreat requires 12 hours of your time. There are 6 sessions, each one lasting 2 hours, so it is up to the participant to schedule his/her own time to do the retreat. Concise instruction is given for each segment of the retreat. Each session is based on a Scripture passage and leads you into contemplative prayer. You are strongly encouraged to talk about this experience with your Spiritual Director at the end of the retreat. If you do not have your own Spiritual Director, you may send us an email requesting to schedule a Zoom meeting with a Spiritual Director.

The cost of each themed retreat is $25 and includes a digital workbook. Meeting with a Spiritual Director is not part of the fee but may be booked if desired.

Please note that the fee covers the cost of the development of our retreats, and any other technical and administrative costs associated with maintaining this website.
Themed Spiritual Retreats